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Assistance with Top-Up Health Insurance

Wednesday 05 February 2014

The sums payable to assist with complementary top-up health insurance have been increased this year.

If you have a complementary ‘top-up’ health insurance policy you may be entitled to assistance with the insurance premiums.

The assistance is provided through L’aide à l’acquisition d’une complémentaire santé (ACS).

The level of the assistance depends on your age, but since January 2014 for a couple aged at least 60 years it is €500 per person, equivalent to €1,000 a year for a couple!

Entitlement to support is subject to a test of resources. The current income thresholds are shown below. They will be revised again in July 2014.

ACS Income Thresholds
1 Person
2 Persons
3 Persons€20,881
4 Persons€24,361
Each Additional Person


You can read more in our page at Assistance with Health Insurance Premiums.

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