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Increase in French GP Charges

Tuesday 13 June 2017

Since last month the charge for a visit to your French doctor has increased from €23 to €25, the first such increase since 2011.

For most patients there will be little or no impact as the increase will be covered by a proportionate rise in the level of reimbursement from the social security system and your complementary health insurer – often referred to as your 'mutuelle'.

However, that will not be the case for the 3.3 million individuals with no complementary insurance who will now have €8.50 out of pocket expenses for a visit to their GP, an increase of €0.60.

In addition, those who do not use their registered doctor (médecin traitant), will also pay more, as they will only continue to receive reimbursement at the rate of 30% from the social security system, as opposed to the standard rate of 70%.

Under the change, the rate of reimbursement from the social security system (assurance maladie) remains the same at 70%, less the €1 'participation forfaitaire' for which patients are responsible, and for which complementary insurers are not entitled to offer cover.

Thus, in detail, for a consultation at €25:

  • Patient Charge - €1
  • Social Security - €16.50 (€25 x 70%) - €1
  • Complementary Insurer - €7.50 (€25 x 30%)

The rate for a consultation for a child under 6 years old also increases to €30 from €28.

Despite the increase, GPs remain far from satisfied, with the level of the charge having increased by only €3 since 2007. The doctors claim an increase in the tariff to €40, in line with the rate that applies in many other European countries.

There is no increase in the standard tariff for consultants, but most already impose a charge over and above the standard rate (dépassement honoraires) which may be covered by your complementary insurer, depending on the terms of the policy.

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