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Baby Shaken but Not Stirred

Wednesday 15 December 2010

This year’s Christmas miracle in France has to be the baby that fell from a 7th floor building into the arms of a doctor.

The incident occurred recently in Paris, when an 18 month old baby boy was in the family apartment, alone with his 3 year old sister.

The baby crawled onto the balcony of the apartment and fell through the bars of the balustrade into the empty void.

Several metres from the ground it landed on the open canopy of a restaurant below.

Although the restaurant was closed, the canopy had been left open by the owner, as the closing mechanism was faulty.

The baby fell between the metal framework of the canopy and rebounded from it, as if from a trampoline, into the arms of a passing pedestrian, who also happened to be a doctor!

He had seen the baby land in the canopy, and held out his arms to capture him.

The child landed entirely without injury, and within a few minutes was asleep, still in the arms of the doctor.

The parents were apparently not in the property at the time, as they had popped out for a walk. On their return they were taken into custody by the French police and charged with negligence.

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