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French Education System - Up to 10,000 Teaching Jobs to Go

Monday 16 July 2007

The government has announced that around 10,000 jobs in education are to go, most of which will be teaching jobs in schools.

The reduction in posts is being made as part of a wider government plan to reduce the number of civil servants by up to 40,000 between now and 2008.

The reductions are to be made by not replacing up to one in two civil servants who reach the age of retirement. As a result, the government hopes to save around €1 billion in salaries and related costs.

The Ministry of Education is by far the biggest of the government departments, with around 1.2 million posts, over 850,000 of which are teaching jobs.

Around 150,000 teachers are expected to retire between now and 2011, equivalent to an average of 29,000 each year. Since 2003, 20,000 education posts have already been abolished.

Press leaks suggested that the Finance Minister was seeking an even bigger contribution from Education, but these rumours have been denied by the government.

In order to mitigate the adverse effects of these reductions, the government is considering a number of options, including asking teachers to undertake additional hours, to reduce the length of the school day, and to reduce the number of options offered at secondary school. Teachers may also be asked to teach more than one subject.

The government have previously attempted to increase the number of hours that teachers are at school, and to get them to teach more than one subject, but backed off last year because of protests.

Teachers are only obliged to be on the school premises for 18 hours a week, although they are expected to work from home during the remaining hours, either preparing classes or marking papers.

Needless to say, the teaching unions have reacted with anger at the plans, and industrial action this autumn and winter can be expected.

Other government departments to be hit by the reductions are Defence (6000) Finance (3000) Planning and Environment (1700) and Interior (2500).

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