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Foie Gras aux Cannabis!

Wednesday 15 December 2010

A farmer has been found guilty of administering cannabis to his 150 ducks.

It seems it was not the aim of the farmer to use the substance to develop a new flavoursome variety of the French classic dish.

Instead, he claimed that the drug was a protection against intestinal worms: ‘I feed them the leaves’, he said, ‘and believe me, it is the finest worm treatment I have come across’.

He also claimed that he had received advice on the use of the drug by a nutritionist, but refused to name them.

The farmer, a man in his 60s living in the village of Gripperie-Saint-Symphorien (Charente-Maritime), denied illicit trading in the drug, although admitted that he had enjoyed a joint or two himself.

Police had been called to his property in connection with a theft investigation, where they found a dozen cannabis plants growing on the property, as well as 5 kilos of the herb.

The judges at the court in Rochefort condemned the farmer to a suspended one month prison sentence and a fine of €500.

Last month the French food tradition was added to the world heritage list by Unesco, but we doubt very much that this narcotics enhanced produce was one of those they invited the judges to consider!

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