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Is France still a Country of Love?

Tuesday 20 February 2007

They say that French is the language of love but not, it seems, for everyone, according to a recent survey of singles in France.

Over 40% of all those interviewed in a poll carried out for Ipos/ L’Express confessed to having not dated anyone at all in the past year.

Neither, it seems, can money buy love for, on average, they spent €582 in search of their perfect partner. Men spent about 30% more than women.

The most popular choice for finding a partner remains singles club nights, with 28% of respondents considering this to be the most effective method. Dating sites on the internet was the preferred choice for 24%, whilst 16% stated they saved themselves for their annual holiday.

Despite the evident lack of success of so many singles in finding a partner, not everyone suffered the same fate. Some 18% of those interviewed claimed to have had more than 10 partners in the past year!

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