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Television in France Goes Digital

Tuesday 16 November 2010

By the end of November 2011 digital television will be operational right across France, and a more detailed timetable has recently been issued by the government.

The latest timetable for the switchover is shown below. As will be seen, over a large part of the country it has already happened, or about to happen.

TNT Timetable
18 October 2009Nord Cotentin
02 February 2010Alsace
09 March 2010Basse Normandie
18 May 2010Pays de la Loire
08 June 2010Bretagne
28 September 2010Lorraine
19 October 2010Centre
19 October 2010Poitou Charentes
16 November 2010Bourgogne
16 November 2010Franche Comté
01 February 2011Nord Pas de Calais
01 February 2011Haute Normandie
02 February 2011Picardie
08 March 2011Ile de France
29 March 2011Aquitaine
29 March 2011Limousin
10 May 2011Auvergne
24 May 2011Corse
24 May 2011Côte d’Azur
14 June 2011Rhône
05 July 2011Provence Alpes
20 September 2011Alpes
08 November 2011Midi Pyrénées
29 November 2011Languedoc Roussillon

When the analog service is switched off, and Télévision Numérique Terrestre (TNT) becomes obligatory in your region, you will need to ensure you have a television capable of receiving digital broadcasts, or purchase a receiver.

The new service greatly improves sound and picture quality and also offers 12 additional free channels.

You can learn more about TNT from our earlier article on the subject at French Television Digital Switchover.

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