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No Sex Please – We’re French!

Thursday 01 December 2011

It seems that in France to neglect the conjugal desires of your wife could cost you where it hurts most.

A court in Aix-en-Provence has condemned a man to pay his ex-wife €10,000 in damages as he would not have sex with her over several years.

It is news that punctures a rather large hole in the reputation of Frenchmen as great lovers.

French men certainly think very highly of themselves; in a recent survey nearly half of them considered they are the best lovers in Europe.

That was view not entirely shared by French women, as only 22 per cent of female respondents agreed that French males captivated them between the sheets.

Their view seems to be confirmed in this particular case, where the man in question blamed tiredness and work pressures for the absence of sexual relations with his wife.

This excuse was not good enough for the judges, who considered that this did not make him totally incapacitated to have sexual relations.

The couple had been married for 21 years, and had two children.

In coming to their decision the judges in the court of appeal drew on an article in the civil code which stated that those who cause damages to others must repair the damage.

The absence of sexual relations over several years had, perhaps not surprisingly, led to a deterioration in the relationship between the husband and wife.

The judges considered that the desires of the wife were legitimate insofar as sexual relations were an expression of mutual affection, which formed part of duties that follow from a marriage.

It is not known whether the former husband will be appealing against the decision, but we will be sure to be reporting on it if he does so.

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