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Pre-Contract Enquires on French Property Purchase

We have prepared a check list of pre-contract enquiries to assist you with the process of house purchase in France.

The check list covers:

  1. i. Boundaries
  2. ii. Party Walls
  3. iii. Rights Over Property
  4. iv. Access
  5. v. Physical Condition
  6. vi. Contents
  7. vii. Utilities
  8. viii. Alterations
  9. ix. Environment
  10. x. Rates, Taxes and Charges
  11. xi. Disputes

Some of these enquiries will be undertaken by your notaire or legal advisor, but that may only be after the contract has been signed. So you need to ask questions of the seller, and make sure any points you are concerned about are included in the contract.

You also need to protect yourself against an incompetent or lazy notaire or advisor, who does not pick them up in a satisfactory manner!

You can read the detailed list at Pre-Contract Enquiries for French Property Purchase.

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This article was featured in our Newsletter dated 01/07/2010

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