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Wednesday 07 November 2018

We have recently updated our guide to the use of estate agents in France.

Despite the growth of on-line advertising portals for the sale of property in France, the overwhelming majority of French property owners continue to use an estate agent to advertise their property for sale.

Their engagement will frequently take place alongside a private advert placed on-line, but around 70% of sale transactions continue to pass through an agent. That is a figure that has remained remarkably stable over the past 20 years.

It is also despite the fact that estate agents in France have a poor reputation amongst members of the public, with a recent survey showing only 21% had confidence in them.

There is still a long way to go, but, mainly as a result of greater competition, estate agent fees are coming down and the quality of the customer service is improving. Some tightening of the regulatory structure in recent years has also improved transparency and levels of conduct.

The guide we have written is primarily for those wishing to sell their French property, but buyers will also find it of use, particularly those aspects relating to the fees payable.

The guide forms part of our broader Guide to Selling Property in France.

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