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House Prices in Charente Maritime

Tuesday 07 May 2019

House prices in the Charente Maritime averaged €180,000 last year, broadly stable with 2017 and a rise of 1.7% over the past 5 years.

The department of Charente-Maritime (Nouvelle Aquitaine) is a popular destination with both French and international buyers and holidaymakers.

The main attraction is of course the nearly 500 kilometres of coastline and the many beautiful beaches that exist. Inevitably, house prices along the coast reflect this demand. Around a quarter of the housing stock are second homes.

The most expensive area is the chic Île de Ré, an island connected by a bridge to the departmental capital La Rochelle. Most sales on the island are within the range €325,500 to €567,500. The average house price is €432,500, a fall of -7.3% in the year, but broadly stable over the past 5 years.

Inland it is a very different market, with cheapest prices around Saint Jean d'Angely to the east (Communauté de communes Vals de Saintonge), where houses sell within the range €65,000 to €137,000, averaging €96,000. Prices fell in the year by a extraordinary -16.5%, although it is probably wiser to measure the state of the market over a 5-year period, which show prices in the area have fallen by -4.0%.

In the departmental capital La Rochelle house prices average €274,000 a rise of +14.4% in the year (+8.7% over 5 years), whilst apartment prices rose on average by +7.7% to €3,660m².

Apartment prices in the town are within the range €2,950/m² to €4,450/m², with highest prices in the centre and around Saint-Éloi.

Conversely, beyond the old town and Vieux Port the market is weaker. North of the centre around Rossignolette-Saint-Maurice/BelAir/Fetilly-La Trompette prices average €1,800m², and in the Le Prieuré/Lafond/ Beauregard district prices average €2,870/m².

South of the capital is the town of Rochefort, where house prices average €162,500, with most selling within the range €124,500 to €217,000. Average house prices rose in the year by +7.5%. Apartments rose +5.0% to average €1,710/m².

A popular area for retirees is the modernist resort area around the town of Royan (Communauté d'agglomération Royan Atlantique), where there are some of the most beautiful beaches in the department. House prices average €200,000 (most sales within the range €150,000 to €289,000), whilst prices for apartments average €2,980/m², an increase of +3.3% in the year.

Around Jonsac to the south (Communauté de communes Haute Saintonge), houses sell within a range €75,000 to €156,000, averaging €116,000. Prices rose in the year by +5.2% and over the past 5 years prices have risen on average by +7.6%.

To the north of the department, most houses sell within a range €121,000 to €215,000, averaging around €170,000, a rise of +2.6% in the year, and +5.1% over the past 5 years.

Around Saintes, houses sell for between €111,000 and €194,000, averaging €140,000. Prices increased last year by +2.2%, but over 5 years have fallen by -2.4%.

Finally, on the Île de Oleron, out from Rochefort, quieter than its sibling, where house prices average around €200,000, selling within the range €148,000 to €260,000. Prices fell in the year by -1.9%. Apartment prices average €2,500/m², falling in the year by -8.0%. Over the past 5 years the price of apartments has fallen by -21.5%, whilst house prices have increased by +9.5%.

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