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Agricultural Land Prices in France

Wednesday 15 April 2009

The French government have published their annual figures for agricultural land prices in France.

The average price for arable land per hectare is €4,580, whilst for grassland it is €3,200 per hectare.

At a regional level, the most expensive regions for arable farmland in France are Upper Normandy and Nord Pas de Calais, each with an average price per hectare of €7,000. The lowest price is in Franche-Comté, where the average price is €2,610 per hectare.

In relation to grassland, the highest average regional price is in Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur with a price of €7,150 per hectare, whilst the lowest price is in Brittany at €1,990 per hectare.

Nevertheless, even within regions there are some substantial differences in prices between departments and even within departments.

Thus, whilst the average price for arable land in Languedoc Roussillon is €4,500, prices in parts of the region can be acquired for around €1,500 per hectare. Similarly, prices of arable land in Aquitaine vary from €7,000 per hectare in parts of the Landes and the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, to around €2,000 in parts of the Dordogne and the Gironde.

Clearly, these prices also reflect land purchased specifically for farming use, and not land that may have been purchased by private property owners for domestic use. Accordingly, if you are hoping to buy an adjoining field to your property in France, you are likely to the find that the wily farmer who currently owns it is unlikely to use as their benchmark the prices they may pay for farmland!

Separate figures are available for the price of vineyards in France, which we shall publish in a later Newsletter.


Regional Land Prices - 2007

RegionArable LandGrassland
Ile de France5,9205,300
Languedoc Roussillon4,5002,560
Midi Pyrenees4,7703,930
Nord Pas de Calais7,0004,600
Pays de la Loire2,9302,470
Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur6,8207,150
Rhone Alpes4,4503,930

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