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Claiming a Reduction in Car Insurance in France

Tuesday 05 May 2020

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic you may be able to obtain a reduction in your vehicle insurance policy.

According to the consumer group Que Choisir, with less travel and less risk insurance companies should be offering a reduction in car and vehicle insurance premiums.

Under French insurance law, in the event of a reduction in the risk during the contract an insured person is entitled to a reduction in the amount of the premium, which, in the current crisis, Que Choisir amounts to an average of €50 per policyholder for a car.

The association states that, "since travel restrictions, the frequency of personal injury has dropped by 91% and is expected to remain permanently below its historical average."

The group estimates that the reduction in claims could generate savings of between €1.4 and €2.3 billion for insurers.

Some insurance companies have anticipated such demands and they are making offers to their customers.

This is the case, for instance, at MAIF, who have offered their policyholders €30, or to alternatively make a charitable donation.

To make a claim to your insures you should send a recorded delivery letter or e-mail, citing Article L113-4 of the Code des assurances: "L'assuré a droit en cas de diminution du risque en cours de contrat à une diminution du montant de la prime. Si l'assureur n'y consent pas, l'assuré peut dénoncer le contrat".

As an alternative to seeking a reduction in your premium, with the policy remaining unchanged, you can also request a re-evaluation of your policy in order to modify certain benefits, eg, comprehensive to third-party. However, your vehicle must remain insured even if you do not use it during the lockdown.

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