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Currency Exchange Guide for Money in France

We are pleased to announce the publication of our free 'Guide to Currency Exchange for Money in France'.

Whether you are relocating to France or you are merely buying a holiday home, if you come from outside of the Eurozone you will need to contend with the issue of currency exchange.

The process today of obtaining foreign currency seems far removed from the laborious and expensive high street bank controlled processes available in the past.

With the internet and the growth of specialist currency exchange brokers, it has become a much easier and cheaper process to undertake.

On-line systems now enable you to buy and sell direct, while specialised currency brokers offer a service, fee structure and rates that are superior to those of the banks.

It is, therefore, a very competitive market place.

Nevertheless, there remains a level of opaqueness about it, making it difficult for the consumer to make an informed choice.

Accordingly, we have prepared a guide to currency exchange for money in France.

In the guide we examine the regulatory framework in the UK for currency exchange as well as considering the types of trades that are available, whether 'spot' or 'forward' rates.

We review the process of negotiating the rate, the fees that are payable and, finally, the process of setting up an account with a currency exchange broker.

You can read the guide at Currency Exchange for Money in France.

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This article was featured in our Newsletter dated 06/06/2013

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