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Banks in France

Welcome to our comprehensive Guide to Banks in France, your on-line resource to using a French bank.

A French bank account is indispensable for any owner of French property, including non-residents.

Most banks in France now have English speaking staff within each branch office, so the formalities can generally be accomplished with relative ease, although you will be required to produce a large amount of documentation.

Neither is a basic bank account in France expensive to run, provided you do it the right way.

In this guide we review the procedure for opening a bank account, as well as a consideration of how to manage your account.

We also examine the range of bank savings accounts in France, together with an outline of the procedures for direct debits and international bank transfers.

  1. Introduction
  2. Which Bank?
  3. Opening a French Bank Account
  4. Managing Your French Bank Account
  5. Choosing a French Bank Card
  6. French Cheques
  7. Transfer money to France
  8. French Bank Loans
  9. French Bank Savings Accounts
  10. Complaining About Your Bank in France
  11. Terms relating to Banking in France

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