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Save Money on International Transfers

Increasingly, people are becoming aware that they can save on their international money transfers, says FC Exchange.

If you need to make an important currency transfer, and want to achieve a better rate of exchange than banks can offer, consider using a specialist currency broker such as FC Exchange.

FC Exchange is the preferred currency specialist of French-Property.com offering a friendly service that is fast, easy and secure and above all saves you money when sending money overseas.

It is common knowledge that banks are big, can be impersonal and are often unresponsive, so why use them to transfer your funds overseas when a specialist can provide an easy and cost-effective alternative?

Despite many being familiar with using a specialist foreign currency exchange service (or broker) to transfer their money overseas, many more remain unaware of the benefits of using such services. This lack of knowledge can prevent individuals from using a faster, more informed and personalised currency service.

FC Exchange, for example, is one such service provider, which tailors its products to each client’s individual needs. Its customers range from individuals needing to move funds overseas for personal reasons to multinational organisations with complex currency and payment requirements.

FC Exchange is able to pass significant cost savings onto its clients by offering more competitive exchange rates. This is possible as they can obtain currency at wholesale prices not normally made available to individuals or even small to medium sized businesses and then pass these savings on to clients. Of course, the greater the size of currency transaction, the more significant the savings can be.

Charles Murray, Senior Broker at FC Exchange says, “Given the volatility associated with foreign exchange, there is great merit in speaking with an expert to help guide you through the irrational currency markets which can fluctuate significantly”.

He further points out that Sterling has lost nearly 25% of its value against most currencies since the credit crisis started in 2008. Tailored solutions such as Limit Orders can protect clients, as they allow them to take advantage of sudden favourable exchange rate movements. “Identify the rate you are hoping to achieve and your currency will automatically be purchased if the market reaches this level”, he says.

A Forward Contract can be used to minimise market risk, enabling a person to lock into a favourable exchange rate today for currency that may be needed up to two years in the future.

Getting started with FC Exchange is simple and straightforward. So, what next?

Three Easy Steps:

1. Register online - It takes just a few minutes to open an account with FC Exchange, it’s free to do, and there’s no obligation to trade. Alternatively you can choose the ‘request a call’ option on our Homepage, and one of our brokers will contact you to discuss your requirements.

2. Get a great exchange rate – You will be appointed a dedicated broker who will answer any questions you may have regarding the market and exchange rates. Once your broker has confirmed the exchange rate with you, and you wish to proceed, it’s simply a case of instructing them to purchase the currency in the live market. You will then receive a contract note confirming the amount and rate of exchange you purchased. It will also contain instructions of how to send your funds to us, and providing us with where the purchased currency needs to go. You can also transfer funds to FC Exchange, prior to trading, for execution when the exchange rate is at its most favourable.

3. Send your currency - As soon as your funds have cleared into FC Exchange’s segregated client accounts, your currency will be transferred to the stipulated destination(s) by priority international transfer. You will then receive payment confirmation(s) supplied by Barclays, our principal bankers.

About FC Exchange

FC Exchange is one of Europe’s leading foreign exchange firms, and has been operating since 2005. As a provider of international payment solutions, it is based in the City of London, with satellite offices around the world.

Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for the Provision of Payment Services 2009, it trades in over 1,000 different currency pairs, and over 50% of all its business is derived from recommendations.

For further information contact:

Ben Scott or Charles Murray
T: +44 (0)20 7989 0000
E: bls@fcexchange.co.uk or cpm@fcexchange.co.uk
W: fcexchange.co.uk

FC Exchange will be in our French Village at A Place in the Sun Live, Birmingham NEC 27th to 29th Sept.

This article was featured in our Newsletter dated 11/09/2013

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