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Tuesday 08 May 2018

One of the early tasks of prospective French property owners is to open a French bank account.

If you are legally resident within the EU then you have an entitlement to open a bank account in France even though you may not own a French property.

Non-residents outside of the EU have no such right, and only those with a 'suitable' profile may be able to open an account.

So just what will happen after Brexit remains to be seen!

Our revised and enlarged guide includes information on the bank network in France and the options open to international owners of French property.

We review how to manage your account, including an outline of the procedures for direct debits and standing orders, the position on death of a spouse/partner, and the use of bank cards.

We provide a summary of bank savings accounts, as well as a consideration of loan procedures.

You can find out more by clicking on any of the sections of the guide given below.

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