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La Poste Tariffs 2016

Thursday 03 March 2016

La Poste letter delivery prices have been increased by an average of 3.6% this year, although parcel delivery rates within Europe remain unchanged.

The cost of a first class (lettre prioritaire) stamp for delivery in France has increased from €0.76 to €0.80. Second class (lettre verte) letters have also gone up from €0.68 to €0.70.

For delivery within the European Union, the price for a standard 20g stamp has increased from €0.95 to €1. A 2kg letter within Europe has risen to €14 from €13.

For delivery outside of Europe the price of stamp for a 20g letter has increased from €1.20 to €1.25.

The price increases for delivery within Europe have also been accompanied by a rationalisation of tariffs, notably by the abolition of the 1kg letter tariff, so that any letter weighing more than 500g is charged at the 2kg rate. Some other rates in France have also been merged, so that there are now fewer rates available.

The rate for a 20g recorded delivery letter within Europe increases from €5.25 to €5.50. Higher rates apply for letters above 20g, rising to €19 for letters above 1kg.

On a brighter note, 'Colissimo International' basic parcel delivery rates with Europe remain unchanged, with the rates ranging from €12.15 for a 0.5kg parcel, up to €58 for a 20kg parcel. Chronopost International express delivery parcel rates are also unchanged.

Parcel delivery prices within France via Colissimo have actually been reduced, with rates of €4.90 for a 250g parcel, to €26.50 for a 30kg parcel.

The increases in letter prices are in line with those agreed in 2014 with the communications regulator ARCEP for prices to increase by an average of at least 3.5% up to 2018, "to ensure the sustainability of the universal service", in the context of a continuing decline in postal volumes.

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