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Money in France Releases Guide to French Mortgages

Monday 16 April 2007

We are pleased today to announce the release of our FREE guide to French mortgages.

In recent years French mortgage lenders have become much more willing to offer loans to non-resident buyers, and the use of the internet and the availability of bi-lingual services now makes this a far easier process.

For example, French mortgage interest rates compare favourably to those in the UK, so it is likely to be cheaper to take out a mortgage on your French home than remortgage your existing home.

However, if you are buying a home in France, and you are continuing to derive your income from your home country, you need to weigh up the currency risk associated with obtaining a Euro mortgage.

Whilst there is a currency risk to non-resident buyers, if you are going to be permanently resident in France, there are good fiscal and inheritance tax reasons why you should consider taking out a French mortgage.

You can read more about French mortgages at Guide to French Mortgages .

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