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Price of Fruit and Vegetables in France 2020

Tuesday 11 August 2020

Fruit and vegetable prices have increased this year over 2019, but there are big differences between different stores and traditional markets.

In a recent study carried out by the French consumer group Familles Rurales, between June 2019 and June 2020 the price of a basket containing 1kg of inorganic fruit went up from €30.26 to €35.36 (+17%) and from €56.21 to €59.61 (+6%) for organic produce.

The graphic below shows the movement in prices for different fruits, both inorganic and organic.

Over the same period, the price of a basket of inorganic vegetables rose from €20.46 to €21.34 (+4%) and from €36.71 to €37.00 (+1%) for organic farmed produce, as shown below.

Not only were there were significant differences in the movement in prices between products, but also big differences between the outlets.

The average price of basket of 1 kg of each inorganic fruit and vegetable was €52.31 in low-cost supermarkets, €55.84 in a hyper/supermarket, and €65.66 in a traditional market.

Low-cost supermarkets fruit and vegetable prices remain the most competitive, despite an increase of nearly 22% compared to the same period in 2019. Supermarkets/hypermarkets recorded the lowest increase of 7.5%. Traditional markets, with also nearly 22% increase over 2019, remain the most expensive outlets, costing 25% more than low-cost supermarkets.

The study did not evaluate the difference in quality between the different outlets and neither were regional price differences examined.

According to the authors, to eat 5 fresh fruits and vegetables/day, a family of 4 people (2 adults and 2 children) would need to spend between €144 and €259 a month, depending on the type and source of produce purchased.

A separate, post-confinement, study carried out by the government compared the prices of vegetables and fruits grown in France with imported produce.

It showed that for home-grown produce the average price for a kilo of mixed fruits was €35.32, whilst it was €35.77 for imported produce. Likewise, the average price of a kilo of French produced vegetables was €20.51 and €20.18 for imported vegetables.

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