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Newsletter Issue 95: 01/02/2011

Welcome to the latest issue of the French Property Newsletter.

We lead in this issue with the news that pension lump sums will now be liable to income tax.

It is all part of the squeeze on tax reliefs and exemptions being carried out by the French government.

However, not all pensions are affected and the rate of taxation is fairly modest, particularly if you are on an existing low tax rate.

We can only be grateful for small mercies.

David Yeates

Tax Raid on Pension Lump Sums

Lump sums paid on retirement to expats living in France are now liable to French income tax.

French Taxation 01/02/2011

Improved Internet Services for Rural Areas

France has launched a new satellite which will shortly open up high broadband speeds for many households in rural areas of the country.

French Life 01/02/2011

Property Picks Winter 2011

We have made a selection of great properties currently being advertised for sale on French-Property.com.

Property in France 01/02/2011

Smoke Detectors Obligatory from 2015

The installation of smoke detectors is to be obligatory in all homes from 2015.

Building & Renovation 01/02/2011

Agricultural Incomes in France

How much does a French farmer earn? Well, it all depends, but for many over the past decade real incomes have declined.

Business in France 01/02/2011

Foreign Bank Accounts Must be Declared

The obligation to declare foreign bank accounts is not contrary to EU law, a French court has ruled.

Money in France 01/02/2011

Cost of New Homes to Rise by up to 20%

The introduction of new energy efficiency standards will increase the cost of house construction by up to 20% say experts.

Building & Renovation 01/02/2011

Physicians Say Heal Thyself

The battle to control health costs must start with giving greater consideration to the pertinence of medical acts themselves, say French hospital chiefs.

Health in France 01/02/2011

Top 20 Growth Towns and Cities

The population growth of some towns in France over the past 30 years has been quite spectacular.

Property in France 01/02/2011

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