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Newsletter Issue 104: 01/06/2011

Welcome to the latest issue of the French Property Newsletter.

Inside you will find general news on France, as well as information and advice about buying property and living in France.

Your feedback on the Newsletter is important to us, so please let us know what you think.

Apologies to those who may this morning have received a sneak preview of some our next Newsletter due out on 15th June.

David Yeates

Public ‘Burned Out' by Bureaucracy

The French ombudsman has painted a very bleak picture of the relationship between the citizen and the State.

French Life 01/06/2011

Expedia in the Dock Over Hotel Bookings

Legal proceedings have begun against a number of major hotel booking web sites for publishing false and misleading information on their sites.

Travel in France 01/06/2011

Mortgage Delays and Sale Contracts

A delay in obtaining a mortgage approval does not invalidate a property sale contract, a French court has ruled.

Money in France 18/08/2011

Social Security Charges for Business Start-Ups

There are several different tax regimes you can adopt to run a business in France, but which one to choose to minimise social charges?

Business in France 01/06/2011

Complaints Increase Over Septic Tank Surveys

Complaints are on the increase over the obligatory compliance inspections of septic tanks.

Building & Renovation 01/06/2011

A Picture of Building Land Prices in France

A graphical snapshot of the average price of building land by department, and the movement in 2010, courtesy of the Notaires de France.

French Property Market 01/06/2011

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