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Newsletter Issue 150: 02/07/2014

Welcome to the latest issue of our monthly Newsletter.

Inside you will find practical information and advice on French property ownership, visiting France, and living in France.

We are always interested in hearing from you as your own experiences and queries make a significant contribution to our own knowledge and understanding.

David Yeates

End of French House Price Cycle?

House prices in France are set to fall gradually for up to the next 10 years, according to two French economists.

French Property Market 02/07/2014

French Tax Reductions Planned for 2014

Income tax and social security contributions are to be reduced this year for millions of households and businesses.

French Taxation 02/07/2014

French Village NEC Birmingham Oct 2014

We shall be hosting our popular ‘French Village’ at A Place in the Sun Live, NEC Birmingham, 3rd - 5th Oct.

Site News 02/07/2014

Planning Controls on Furnished Holiday Lettings

Second home owners in large towns and cities of France are required to obtain the consent of their local council to use of the property for furnished holiday lettings.

Business in France 02/07/2014

French Farmhouse Prices in 2013

The French rural land agency SAFER have published their annual review of the property market, providing an insight into country house prices and international buying a...

French Property Market 02/07/2014

Does the Installation of Solar Panels Make Sense?

The installation of solar panels on your French property is a tempting proposition for many owners, but the rewards are long-term and it is not without risk.

Money in France 02/07/2014

French Tax Credit for UK Rental Income

Rental income from property in the UK benefits from a tax credit against liability to tax in France, irrespective of whether any income tax is actually paid in the UK.

French Taxation 02/07/2014

Vineyard Prices in France 2013

Vineyard prices rose by an average of 1.5% in 2013, but it was a very mixed year in which few generalisations are possible.

French Property Market 02/07/2014

Notaires Must Offer Interpreting Support

A French court has ruled that notaires are obliged to offer interpreting support to international clients.

Property in France 02/07/2014

Sterling/Euro Currency Review June 2014

June saw Sterling make significant gains against the euro, as the outlook for interest rates for the Bank of England and European Central Bank continue to diverge, muc...

Money in France 02/07/2014

French Inheritance Taxes and Capital Gains Tax

Trying to keep down inheritance taxes to a minimum does risk later coming back to bite inheritors.

French Taxation 02/07/2014

Turbulence Over Wind Power Charges

Wind power electricity tariffs have been judged to be illegal, but there will be no change in your French electricity bill for the extra charges you pay for it.

Money in France 02/07/2014

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