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Newsletter Issue 160: 03/04/2015

Welcome to the latest issue of the French Property Newsletter.

Inside you will find practical information and advice on French property ownership, visiting France and living in France.

We are always interested in hearing from you, as your experiences and queries make a significant contribution to our own knowledge and undertstanding.

David Yeates

How Much Income Do I Need to Live in France?

A French social monitoring agency has calculated the minimum monthly income a household needs to live 'decently' in France.

Money in France 03/04/2015

Manchester Show Shines Over Grey Skies

Nearly 7,000 visitors turned out for the first Manchester A Place in the Sun Live overseas property exhibition last month, with the French Village attracting substanti...

Site News 03/04/2015

The French Village at London Olympia 2015

We shall be hosting our popular ‘French Village’ at A Place in the Sun Live exhibition at London Olympia, 8th to 10th May.

Site News 03/04/2015

European Commission Closes File on Health Cover

Early retirees are now being admitted to the French health system, so the European Commission have withdrawn infringement proceedings against France.

Health in France 03/04/2015

Sunniest Departments in France 2014

Which were the sunniest departments in France in 2014?

French Life 03/04/2015

Fixed Rate Mortgages in France Now Under 2%

Mortgage rates continue to fall in France, and there are no signs that the attractive fixed rates on offer are going to end in 2015.

Money in France 03/04/2015

The 'Racket Social des Indépendants'

Small business owners affiliated to the Régime Social des Indépendants (RSI) pay a substantial part of their earnings in social security contributions.

Business in France 03/04/2015

Sterling/Euro Currency Review March 2015

March was a tale of two halves for Sterling, with initial impressive gains, followed by a later reversal of fortune, says Ben Scott.

Money in France 03/04/2015

Conversion of Farm Building into a Gite

The conversion of a farm building into residential use requires that the building is fully enclosed by a roof and walls, a French court has ruled.

Building & Renovation 03/04/2015

Clean-Up Needed in French Water Agencies

The water agencies are dominated by farming and industrial interests, to the detriment of individual consumers, who bear the weight of charges, says a French watchdog.

Money in France 03/04/2015

Farmer Blocks Sale of Property

We are unable to sell our property in France as a farmer holds rights over part of the land, says despairing French property owner Roger Bingham.

Property in France 03/04/2015

Skype Faces Regulation in France

The French government is to oblige Skype to register as a telecoms operator, thereby imposing significant new obligations on the company.

Money in France 03/04/2015

Buying an Apartment in France

France has an agreeably clear legal structure for ownership of an apartment, but co-ownership does make the purchase process more complicated.

Property in France 05/02/2013

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