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Newsletter Issue 134: 04/04/2013

Welcome to the latest issue of the French Property Newsletter.

We look forward to meeting some of our regular readers at the French Village next weekend @ London Olympia.

Please see www.thefrenchvillage.co.uk for more details, seminar programme and free tickets.

As usual, do let us know what you think about the Newsletter.

We particularly welcome your queries and stories, which frequently form the basis for our articles.

David Yeates

Buying Property in Creuse, Limousin

The department of Creuse in the Limousin region has the lowest average prices in the whole of France, so what is it like and what do you get for your money?

French Property Market 04/04/2013

Ferries to France in 2013

Despite the weather in the UK trying to tell us otherwise, the holiday season is just around the corner, so we do a round-up of the main ferry routes to France this year.

Travel in France 04/04/2013

France Promises Health Cover Solution

France has acknowledged that there are problems concerning access into the health system for EU nationals, says the European Commission.

Health in France 04/04/2013

Rental Market in France in 2012

Rents increased by an average of 2.2% last year, achieving an average of €12.60 per m².

Business in France 04/04/2013

Capital Gains Tax Reforms for 2014

The main lines of the reform to capital gains tax on property sales have been announced by President Hollande.

French Taxation 04/04/2013

Sterling Euro Currency Review - March 2013

Sterling rallied on the back of the Cyprus bailout, despite a weak start in the month.

Money in France 04/04/2013

Social Charges and Furnished Rentals of Non-Res...

The government has confirmed that social charges are not payable on the furnished lettings made by non-residents.

French Taxation 04/04/2013

Corruption Chronicles Involving French Mayors

With something clearly rotten in the state of France at the present time, we review two recent cases of abuse of public office by local mayors.

French Life 04/04/2013

Alpine Ski Property Prices in 2012

Ski property prices continued to rise in Haute-Savoie in 2012, while there was a marginal fall in prices in Savoie.

French Property Market 04/04/2013

What Makes for a Successful Life in France?

A reader on a partner website poses the ultimate question for all those wanting to live in France - how to make a successful and happy life for yourself?

French Life 04/04/2013

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