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Newsletter Issue 79: 04/05/2010

Welcome to the latest issue of the French Property Newsletter.

Inside you will find general news on France, as well as information and advice about buying property and living in France.

Your feedback on the Newsletter is important to us, so please let us know what you think.

David Yeates

France in Dock Over New Home Sales

France has not been correctly applying European rules on VAT for new home sales, and now risks legal action being taken by buyers.

French Taxation 04/05/2010

Increased Charges for Doctors and Prescriptions

Health charges are going up in France, with an increase in the consultation fee for GPs and a reduction in the level of reimbursement for some prescriptions.

Health in France 04/05/2010

Property Prices in French Cities and Towns

A summary of the latest average prices of older property in the major cities and towns of France, together with their variation over the past year.

French Property Market 04/05/2010

Your French Income Tax Return 2010

French income tax returns are being sent out to all households, so we take you through the main rules and requirements.

French Taxation 04/05/2010

Auto-Entrepreneur Rule Changes

This new business status continues to be controversial, but the government seems intent on easing regulations and social security contributions on small business owners.

Business in France 04/05/2010

What are Your Rights as an Airline Passenger?

In the light of the recent massive disruption of air traffic, we review your rights as an airline passenger.

Travel in France 04/05/2010

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