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Newsletter Issue 178: 04/10/2016

Welcome to the latest issue of the French Property Newsletter.

Inside you will find practical information and advice on French property ownership, visiting France and living in France.

We are always interested in hearing from you, as your experiences and queries make a significant contribution to our own knowledge and understanding.

David Yeates

House Prices in France Second Quarter 2016

The notaires report that house prices outside of Paris fell by an average of 0.4% in the second quarter, although sales reached their highest level since 2012.

French Property Market 04/10/2016

Business Accounting for Micro-Entrepreneurs

Business owners in France who adopt micro-entrepreneur tax status benefit from minimal statutory accounting obligations.

Business in France 04/10/2016

French Income Tax Reductions for 2016/17

With a presidential election due next year, the French government have raided the larder to announce some income tax reductions for 2017.

French Taxation 04/10/2016

Right to Challenge Planning Consents

In recent years the right to challenge a planning consent in France has been substantially reduced by the need to demonstrate that a clear prejudice would be suffered ...

Building & Renovation 04/10/2016

Notaire Fees and Taxes Explained

Most notaire fees are regulated on the basis of a fixed percentage rate or sum, but in other cases they are freely negotiable.

Money in France 04/10/2016

French Property Sales by Candlelight

The 'ventes à la bougie' are auction sales organised by the notaires, open to all, and potentially offering a substantial discount on the open market value of the prop...

Property in France 04/10/2016

Guide to School Education in France

We have recently updated our popular guide to the French school education system.

French Life 04/10/2016

Sterling Exceeds Expectations in September

The UK may have voted to leave the EU, but official figures for September did not reflect the immediate and significant economic impact that was predicted, writes Ben ...

Money in France 04/10/2016

S1 Health Cover or French Pension?

Retiring expatriate business owners in France may have to make the choice of either taking S1 health cover from their country of origin or their French pension.

Health in France 04/10/2016

Buyer Cannot Alter Mortgage Demand

A buyer seeking to rely on a mortgage rate lower than that stated in the sale and purchase contract risks losing their deposit.

Property in France 04/10/2016

Local Property Rates in France 2016

Local rates bills have remained broadly stable again this year compared to 2015, with the average amount payable by each household around €2,000.

French Taxation 04/10/2016

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