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Newsletter Issue 154: 04/11/2014

Welcome to the latest issue of our monthly Newsletter, sent to over 30,000 subscribers.

Inside you will find practical information and advice on French property ownership, visiting France, and living in France.

We are always interested in hearing from you as your own experiences and queries make a significant contribution to our own knowledge and understanding.

David Yeates

Lies, Damned Lies and French House Prices

A difficult housing market is placing real challenges on the notaires and estate agents to provide useful information on the movement in house prices.

French Property Market 04/11/2014

Social Charges on Non Residents

The legal advisor to the European Court has recommended that they should find against France over social charges imposed on those not in the social security system.

French Taxation 04/11/2014

Buyers Reject Deed of Sale

What happens when the deed of sale in a property transaction does not reflect the terms agreed in the sale and purchase contract?

Property in France 04/11/2014

Ski Property For Sale in France - 2014

We have made a selection of ski properties for sale in France, currently advertised on French-Property.com

Property Picks 04/11/2014

New Tax on Holiday Homes in France?

The French government are proposing to allow local councils in areas of housing shortage to increase the local rates payable on holiday homes.

French Taxation 04/11/2014

British Expats Caught on UK Interest Gains

The French authorities have taken firm action this year to penalise expatriates in France who have not declared their interest earnings in overseas bank accounts.

French Taxation 04/11/2014

Coach Travel in France

The privileged status of the rail network in France has been to the detriment of national coach travel, but that may be all about to change.

Travel in France 04/11/2014

Headache Over Medicines in France

The rules and practice governing the pricing and reimbursement of medicines in France is becoming increasingly complicated.

Health in France 04/11/2014

Local Rate Levels in France in 2014

The average rates bill in 2014 is around €2,000 per household, an increase of only about 1% on 2013, but it may be the calm before the storm.

French Taxation 04/11/2014

Sterling/Euro Currency Review October 2014

Sterling failed last month to add to impressive gains made against the euro in September as the euro continues to demonstrate significant resilience, says Ben Scott.

Money in France 04/11/2014

Diagnostics on Statutory Property Surveys

A study by the government consumer watchdog in France has criticised the pricing ethics adopted by building diagnostics professionals.

Building & Renovation 04/11/2014

Taxation Options for French Rental Properties

Landlords of French property who incur major building costs need to give careful consideration as to the basis on which they are taxed on their rental income.

Business in France 04/11/2014

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