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Newsletter Issue 131: 05/02/2013

Welcome to the latest issue of the French Property Newsletter.

Inside you will find general news on France, as well as information and advice about buying property and living in France.

Do let us know what you think about the Newsletter.

We particularly welcome hearing about your experiences, which frequently form the basis of our articles.

David Yeates

Buying an Apartment in France

France has an agreeably clear legal structure for ownership of an apartment, but co-ownership does make the purchase process more complicated.

Property in France 05/02/2013

Taxation of Lump Sum Pension Payments

Lump sum retirement pensions are taxable in France, although subject to particular rules.

French Taxation 05/02/2013

The French Village London Olympia 2013

We shall be hosting our popular ‘French Village’ at A Place in the Sun Live, London Olympia, 12th - 14th April.

Site News 05/02/2013

Private Sellers Property Picks

We have made a selection of great properties currently being advertised for sale by private sellers on French-Property.com.

Property in France 05/02/2013

Undeclared Building Activity Invalidates Insura...

Only those activities declared by a builder to his insurer are covered by the ten year building warranty, a French court has ruled.

Building & Renovation 05/02/2013

Tax Free Bank Savings Still Make Sense

Rates in tax free bank savings accounts have been reduced recently, but such accounts are still worth holding.

Money in France 05/02/2013

Travelling by Train in France

SNCF, the French national railway, have revised their discount travel cards for rail travellers.

Travel in France 05/02/2013

Pension Rights of Auto-Entrepreneurs 2013

The level of the minimum turnover required for auto-entrepreneurs to obtain pension rights has been revised for 2013.

Business in France 05/02/2013

Couple Win 'Right of Light' Case

A couple have won a ‘right to light’ legal case over a new development constructed on adjoining land.

Building & Renovation 05/02/2013

Sterling/Euro Currency Review - January 2013

Sterling endured sustained losses during most of January against the euro, as fears of a triple dip recession gripped the UK economy, writes Ben Scott.

Money in France 05/02/2013

Pilgrims Make Slow Progress to Lourdes

Five Asian tourists travelling to Lourdes mistake the Celestial City for a village in Brittany.

French Life 05/02/2013

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