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Newsletter Issue 177: 05/09/2016

Welcome to the latest issue of the French Property Newsletter.

Inside you will find practical information and advice on French property ownership, visiting France and living in France.

We are always interested in hearing from you, as your experiences and queries make a significant contribution to our own knowledge and understanding.

David Yeates

French Income Tax Rate for Non-Residents

The French government have made it easier for non-residents to pay a lower rate of tax on French sourced income, but there is no relenting on social charges.

French Taxation 05/09/2016

The French Village at NEC Birmingham 2016

Come and find out about the implications of Brexit at the ‘French Village’, A Place in the Sun Live international property exhibition, NEC Birmingham, 23rd to 25th Sep...

Site News 05/09/2016

Wine Festivals in France Autumn 2016

With the grape harvest soon upon us in France we make a selection of some of the wine festivals taking place this autumn.

Travel in France 05/09/2016

Is a Swimming Pool an Extension of a House?

Planning rules in France about the right of homeowners to build a swimming pool on their property are not infrequently unclear.

Building & Renovation 05/09/2016

Security of Tenure of Senior Citizens

Elderly tenants in France have a particularly strong security of tenure, which has recently been reinforced by a bizarre ruling of the French Supreme Court.

Business in France 05/09/2016

Mortgage Guarantees in France

The use of an insurance guarantee over a conventional charge on a property is becoming the norm amongst mortgage lenders in France.

Money in France 05/09/2016

Payment of French Income Tax 2016

If you are finding it difficult to pay your French income tax bill this year it is possible to ask for a delay in settling the bill.

French Taxation 05/09/2016

SAFER and the Gift of Property

In order to thwart the rural land agency SAFER of their right of pre-emption a couple decided on a simple solution - to give away the land they had proposed to sell.

Property in France 05/09/2016

Social Charges on Non-Resident Furnished Lettings

Many non-residents who previously did not pay social charges on furnished rental income in France have been hit by the charges this year.

French Taxation 05/09/2016

Sterling Resilient Despite Bank of England Action

August proved to be a relatively flat month for euro buyers as sterling continued to trade within its recent tight range, despite Bank of England intervention to suppo...

Money in France 05/09/2016

Rental Property and Local Rates Exemption

A property destined for letting that has never actually been let can be granted exemption from the taxe foncière, a French court has ruled.

Business in France 05/09/2016

Forest Fires in France and Property Protection

In many areas of France there is a legal obligation on owners to maintain the grounds of their property to reduce the risk of fire spread near forests and woodlands.

Property in France 05/09/2016

William and Kate in Gascony

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge choose to spend their summer holiday this year in a quiet corner of South West France.

Travel in France 05/09/2016

Education Grants in France 2016/17

Details of the school and university grants in France for 2016/17 have recently been published by the French government.

Money in France 05/09/2016

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