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Newsletter Issue 153: 07/10/2014

Welcome to the latest issue of our monthly Newsletter, sent to over 30,000 subscribers.

Inside you will find practical information and advice on French property ownership, visiting France, and living in France.

We are always interested in hearing from you as your own experiences and queries make a significant contribution to our own knowledge and understanding.

Thank you to those of you who visited us at the A Place in the Sun Live Property Exhibition, Birmingham NEC last weekend. We hope you enjoyed it and learned something of interest from it. Our 'French Village' was a sell-out for much of the weekend.

David Yeates

French Income Tax Rates in 2015

The government have announced that they are to abolish the lowest rate of income tax, thereby taking several million households out of the tax net.

French Taxation 07/10/2014

Early Retirees Being Accepted for Health Cover

Although it is a mixed picture, your e-mails indicate that many local health authorities are continuing to accept early retirees into the health system.

Health in France 07/10/2014

Air France at a Crossroads

Air France has been obliged to shelve plans for the proposed expansion of the Transavia low-cost subsidiary, a defining moment for the future of the airline.

Travel in France 07/10/2014

Cotisation Increase for Auto-Entrepreneurs

The exemption of auto-entrepreneurs from the payment of a tax towards the local chambers of commerce will cease from January 2015.

Business in France 07/10/2014

School Insurance in France

One of the rituals of the school year in France is to ensure you hold an appropriate level of insurance cover for your child.

Money in France 07/10/2014

Taxation of Building Plots in France

Capital gains tax on the sale of building land has been aligned with that of other property, and there is a tax reduction until the end of 2015.

French Taxation 07/10/2014

Private Property Sales in France - Autumn 2014

We have made a selection of private property sales in France currently advertised on French-Property.com

Property Picks 07/10/2014

Capital Gains Tax on Former Residents

The capital gains tax exemption limit on the sale of a property in France by former residents has been clarified, to the benefit of owners.

French Taxation 07/10/2014

Sterling/Euro Currency Review September 2014

Sterling rallied to just short of a six-year high against the euro last month, says Ben Scott.

Money in France 07/10/2014

French Local Rates Exemptions 2014

Depending on your age, income or other factors you may be entitled to an exemption or reduction in your local rates in France.

French Taxation 07/10/2014

Increased Grant for Energy Conservation Works

In a significant relaxation of existing rules the government have increased to 30% the level of the grant for any single work of home energy conservation.

Building & Renovation 07/10/2014

Sale Annulled Due to Waste Recycling Centre

A couple who refused to complete on the purchase of a property as they had not been informed about a waste recycling centre have won their case in the courts.

Property in France 07/10/2014

Tax Allowance for Rural Gîte Owners

The French government have conceded that affiliation to the Gîtes de France should no longer be a prior condition of entitlement to a higher tax allowance.

Business in France 07/10/2014

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