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Newsletter Issue 97: 15/02/2011

Welcome to the latest issue of the French Property Newsletter.

In this issue we present a review of the house price forecasts for 2011.

Against all odds, prices seem to have risen, and are forecast to continue in the same direction.

However, given the economic situation, and the rather mixed record of such forecasts, we are sceptical of the universal truth of this assertion.

David Yeates

Who to Believe on House Prices for 2011?

Most soothsayers believe house prices in France will increase this year, but the economic and political outlook still leaves room for some doubt.

French Property Market 15/02/2011

French Marriage Contracts and Your Children

A couple who concealed a change in their marriage contract from their children did not commit fraud, a French court has ruled.

Money in France 15/02/2011

Sarkozy Rules Out Taxing Principal Residence

After weeks of speculation, we can all breathe a sigh of relief: the main home is to remain exempt from capital gains tax.

French Taxation 15/02/2011

Consult Your Local Plan

Buying the right property is as much about finding out what is happening in the area as it is about the property itself.

Building & Renovation 15/02/2011

Chambres d’Hôte Owners Face Tax Puzzle

The rules on the business registration of chambres d’hôtes have been tightened, but it still leaves unanswered questions.

Business in France 15/02/2011

French Judges Go on Strike

The misery of the French justice system is so great that even the judges have now been forced to take unprecedented strike action.

French Life 15/02/2011

Legal Aid Income Thresholds for 2011

The French government has issued new income threshold levels for entitlement to legal aid.

Money in France 01/09/2011

French Ski Instructors Contest ‘Rosbifs’

After the plombier polonais it is now the moniteur de ski anglais in the firing line.

Travel in France 15/02/2011

Last chance to Advertise at the French Village ...

We have extended the deadline to advertise your property within the French Village at A Place in the Sun Live.

Site News 15/02/2011

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