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Newsletter Issue 71: 15/12/2009

Welcome to the latest issue of the French Property Newsletter. Inside you will find general news on France, as well as information and advice about buying property and living in France. If you would like to make any comments on the articles or offer general feedback on the Newsletter, please e-mail editor@french-property.com.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Best Buy Smoked Salmon and Champagne for Christmas

In recent consumer tests of champagne there were clear favourites, but opinion was more divided on the best smoked salmon.

French Life 15/12/2009

Relaxation on Tax Free Gifts to Grand-Children

The age limit on tax free gifts to grandchildren has been raised by the French government.

French Taxation 15/12/2009

Dangerous Dogs Licence Becomes Mandatory

Owners of attack and guard dogs in France are required to possess a licence from 1 January 2010.

French Life 15/12/2009

Best Rates for French Bank Loans

What are the best interest rates for French bank loans? We check out some of the main rates currently on the market.

Money in France 15/12/2009

A Warm and Dry Autumn in France

The weather in France this autumn was exceptionally hot, generally sunny and relatively dry, according to Météo-France.

French Life 15/12/2009

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