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Newsletter Issue 145: 25/02/2014

Welcome to this Special Issue of the French Property Newsletter.

Inside you will find information about our French Village at the forthcoming 'A Place in the Sun Live' show, London, Europe’s largest overseas property exhibition.

Come and discuss your property aspirations with our estate agents, get advice from our experts, attend our seminar theatre, and view the many great properties there will be for sale.

The Newsletter features articles showcasing some of the exhibitors and speakers who will be joining us.

David Yeates

Exhibitors at the French Village London 2014

The exhibitors who will be at the French Village, A Place in the Sun Live, Olympia, London 28th to 30th March 2014.

Site News 25/02/2014

French Village Seminar Programme - London 2014

The programme of expert seminars for the French Village, A Place in the Sun Live, London Olympia.

Site News 25/02/2014

Advertise your Property at A Place in the Sun, ...

Advertise your property for sale in our French Village at A Place in the Sun Live, Olympia, London.

Site News 25/02/2014

Saving Money on International Transfers

People are becoming aware that they can save on their international money transfers, says FC Exchange.

Money in France 25/02/2014

Managing Your French Property Purchase

When advising English speaking clients purchasing a property in France, there are some issues which time and again cause problems and delays, says French property soli...

Property in France 25/02/2014

Leggett Immobilier at A Place in the Sun Live

With over 8,000 properties listed for sale on their books at any one time, a visit to Leggett Immo at A Place in the Sun Show is a must for anyone looking to buy in Fr...

Site News 25/02/2014

The LBV Group 'One Stop Shop'

Les Bons Voisins, French property managers with a difference, says Sally Stone, Chief Executive of LBV.

Site News 25/02/2014

French Income Tax for Non-Residents

Persons not resident in France are taxed in France on their income from French sources only, regardless of their nationality, says Joanna Reintjes of AFA Expertise.

French Taxation 25/02/2014

The Charms of Gascony

The province of Gascony may not have existed since the French Revolution, but the area still retains a strong local identity, says Edward Landau of Immobilier Le Bonheur.

Property in France 25/02/2014

Housing Market in Haute Savoie

An overview of the housing market in Haute-Savoie in 2013 and the outlook for 2014, from John Squires, of Property Europe Online Ltd.

French Property Market 25/02/2014

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