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Council Tracks Planning Culprits by Satellite

The town council of Carcassonne has decided to make use of aerial and satellite photos to tackle planning violations.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 02 November 2010

Cleaning of Chimneys and Flue Pipes

There is no smoke without fire, and no safe fire without regular cleaning of your chimney. We go through the regulations and costs.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 02 November 2010

Planning Permission in France is Time Limited

Planning consent once given can expire if you do not act on it, as an expat from the UK recently found out to his cost.

Building & Renovation Friday 15 October 2010

Septic Tank Surveys Become Compulsory

House sellers will be required to have a survey of their septic tank undertaken from 2011.

Building & Renovation Thursday 30 September 2010

Building Construction Costs in France 2009

The average cost of constructing a new property in France in 2009 was €1,048m², broadly in line with the costs in 2008.

Building & Renovation Wednesday 15 September 2010

French Building Land Prices 2009

The price of a building plot in France in 2009 averaged €55m², an increase of €1m² over 2008.

Building & Renovation Wednesday 01 September 2010

British or French Builder?

When renovating or constructing your French home, does it make sense to use a French or a British builder?

Building & Renovation Tuesday 15 June 2010

Builder Ordered to Pay €85,000 in Damages

A builder has been ordered to pay compensation for unauthorised building works, despite having only implemented the plans prepa...

Building & Renovation Tuesday 01 June 2010

Obtaining Planning Permission in France

What are the procedures for making a planning application in France and obtaining planning permission?

Building & Renovation Tuesday 02 March 2010

Local Rate Relief for Home Energy Conservation

New and older homes constructed or renovated to an efficient energy consumption standard are eligible for five years' relief from the taxe fon...

Building & Renovation Tuesday 16 February 2010

Home Energy Efficiency Standards in France

New homes have to comply with them, and existing owners can get financial support to achieve them, but just what are the energy efficiency sta...

Building & Renovation Tuesday 01 December 2009

Smoke Detectors to Become Obligatory

The installation of smoke detectors is soon to be made obligatory in all homes in France, but in recent tests most models did not comply with ...

Building & Renovation Tuesday 01 December 2009

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