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How to Build a House in France

Unless you are intending to self-build, you are going to need to enter into a contract with a building professional, but there are different approa...

Building & Renovation Tuesday 17 November 2009

Maintaining Your French Heating Boiler

French law imposes an obligation to maintain your heating boiler, as well as your chimney or flue.

Building & Renovation Thursday 15 October 2009

Sun Shines on Solar Panels

The financial incentives for the installation of solar panels on your French home are now so strong that it is becoming a very tempting proposition.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 16 June 2009

Property Rights in France: Openings in Buildings

We are pleased to release today a further section of our 'Guide to Property Rights in France'.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 16 June 2009

Planning Application Taxes in France

Although no application fee is payable for a planning application in France, there are fees and taxes with any consent that may be granted.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 02 June 2009

Water and Drainage Services in France

We are pleased to release today our Guide to Water and Drainage Services in France.

Building & Renovation Friday 01 May 2009

Mobile Homes in France

We are pleased to release today our Guide to Mobile Homes in France.

Building & Renovation Wednesday 01 April 2009

French Tax Credits for Home Energy Conservation

There are generous French tax breaks available if you undertake works to improve the energy efficiency of your French property.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 17 March 2009

New Build Costs in France in 2007

A new survey provides a useful summary of house construction costs in France for 2007.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 03 March 2009

French Mortgages for Home Energy Conservation

The French government has launched an enticing package of financial incentives for homeowners to undertake energy conservation works.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 03 March 2009

Planning Controls on Historic Buildings in France

If you live near a protected building in France, or within a conservation area, you are subject to stronger planning controls.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 17 February 2009

Building a Home in France in Risk Zones

A couple who purchased land with planning permission may have to demolish the house they have started to build, as it is in an area prone to flooding.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 02 December 2008

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