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Determining Property Boundaries in France

French land registry plans are not a wholly reliable guide to the boundaries of your property, so how do you go about getting a precise boundary de...

Property in France Tuesday 04 December 2007

Government Tightens Rules on Chambres d’Hotes

The Government has introduced new regulations, tightening up on the operation of chambres d’hotes, although there remain questions unanswered as ...

Business in France Tuesday 04 December 2007

Why the French Property Market Will Not Collapse

Prices will fall in France but there is no market crash in prospect, according to two recent reviews of the French housing market.

French Property Market Tuesday 04 December 2007

Land Prices in France Remain Modest

The French Ministry of Agriculture has recently published figures on agricultural land prices throughout France, which show an average price of &eu...

French Property Market Thursday 15 November 2007

How Much Does A Small Business Make in France?

Whether butcher, baker or candlestickmaker, what can a the owner of a small business expect to earn in France?

Business in France Thursday 15 November 2007

French Bureaucracy the Most Expensive in Europe

A recent study carried out by an Italian economic development group puts a cost on the bloated French bureaucracy, the most expensive in Europe.

French Life Thursday 15 November 2007

Aix en Provence the Sunniest Place in France

Aix en Provence was the sunniest place in France last year, whilst Toulon the warmest, and Besancon in the North East had the highest number of rai...

Property in France Thursday 15 November 2007

French Water Companies Making ‘Abusive’ Profits

The price of water in the major cities of France is often ‘abusive’ and private water management companies make huge profits, according to the ...

French Life Thursday 15 November 2007

What Are ‘Notaire Fees’ in France?

When buying a French property, there is no escaping paying around 7% in ‘notaire fees’, but just what are these fees, and can you reduce them?

Property in France Thursday 15 November 2007

France’s Ecological New Deal

The French President Nicolas Sarkozy has given the green light to a major programme of action on the environment, which has been greeted with satis...

French Life Thursday 15 November 2007

Do not Be Fooled by ‘Micro-Entreprise’ Status in France

In the minds of many who relocate to France a ‘micro-entreprise’ is synonymous with a 'small business', but do not let hasty translation put yo...

Business in France Thursday 15 November 2007

Who Pays the Social Welfare Levy in France?

If you relocate to France to live on an early retirement pension, you pay the notorious ‘social welfare levy’. Or do you?

French Taxation Thursday 15 November 2007

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