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Investment Pushing Up French Water Bills

The average household water bill in France was €177 a year in 2004, according to the most recent review of water prices carried out by the Fre...

Money in France Tuesday 01 May 2007

France Retains Premier World Rating for Food

France kept its place as the leading country in the world for high quality food, with 12 restaurants in the country recently judged amongst the top...

French Life Tuesday 01 May 2007

Paris Housing Market Slows Down

The prices of apartments in Paris rose by an average of 9.9% last year, according to the annual review of the market carried out by the Paris Notai...

French Property Market Tuesday 01 May 2007

French-property.com Releases Guide to French Mortgages

We are pleased today to announce the release of our FREE guide to French mortgages.

Money in France Monday 16 April 2007

Foreign Business Investment into France Hits New Record

Foreign business investment into France jumped 40% last year to reach €68 billion, the highest figure on record. The investment figure compare...

Business in France Monday 16 April 2007

Major Pollution Scare in Rhône River

The consumption of fish along a 100 kilometre stretch of the French Rhône River has been banned by the government because of high pollution levels.

French Life Monday 16 April 2007

House Prices in France Remain Flat

Property prices in France continued to remain flat during the first quarter of 2007, although the picture is a gloomier one in the South-West, acco...

French Property Market Monday 16 April 2007

Huge Cash Handouts to French Companies

French companies benefited from €65 billion in public aid in 2005, according to a recent report prepared for the French Prime Minister.

Business in France Monday 16 April 2007

French Suicides Outstrip Road Deaths

French television screens regularly broadcast horrifying stories about the carnage on the roads in France, but a report published last month highli...

Health in France Monday 16 April 2007

Wine Consumption in France Drops Back

At a time when consumption of wine throughout the world is on the increase, the French are drinking less of their national tipple, according to a r...

French Life Monday 02 April 2007

New Restrictions on Expat Social Security Rights

The French Government has tightened laws on the rights of expats from the European Community to French social security benefits.

Money in France Monday 02 April 2007

UK Government Abolishes Tax on Homes Abroad

The UK Government has announced that it will no longer consider the ownership of a home abroad held through an SCI or French property company to be...

French Taxation Monday 02 April 2007

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