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FC Exchange Currency Broker

FC Exchange, the specialist currency broker and international payment solutions provider.

Through our 'one broker per client' offering we tailor the most appropriate solutions to each of our client's needs.

We guide clients through the volatile currency markets to help them secure the best exchange rates and ultimately the most value.

Our wide range of products and services include:

  • A spot contract is the most basic and popular foreign exchange product, and is simply used when currency is required immediately. It enables clients to buy the currency at the ‘”live” rate on the day, with it then becoming available on receipt of cleared funds.
  • A forward contract is a great way to manage exposure and is a “buy now – pay later” solution to avoid currency market risk. Clients can lock into a favourable exchange rate today for currency that they need up to two years in the future. All that is required is a small deposit, with the balance required before the maturity date of the contract. Forward contracts are very popular with property transactions which can often take lengthy periods to conclude, exposing clients to the volatile currency market.
  • Stop-loss & limit orders enable clients to pre-specify exchange rates for us to target on their behalf, enabling us to automatically execute a trade should the market move to the appropriate level. A limit order is a target rate that allows clients to take advantage of any sudden favourable movements, whilst a stop-loss order acts as a safety net - protecting clients against any sudden adverse movement.
  • A regular payments facility in a popular choice for clients who need to make regular overseas transfers, such as rental income, pensions, mortgage payments or simply topping up bank accounts. Setting up a standing order and providing us with default bank instructions removes the aggravation and worry of making recurring transfers.

FC Exchange will be at the French Village, Manchester, where they will be presenting a seminar on foreign currency exchange. They will also be available for personal consultation over the three days of the exhibition.

This article was featured in our Newsletter dated 17/02/2015

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