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Site News Launches Online Guides to France

Wednesday 17 January 2007

We are pleased today to announce the launch of the Guides - a major new and FREE on-line resource about buying property and living in France.

The new Guides will greatly expand upon our earlier 'Reference' section, both in terms of the depth and range of articles.

Over the next six months we will build the definitive on-line library to questions you have about moving to, and living in, France.

We intend to distinguish the IFP Guides in a number of important ways.

First, by organising the information on a compendium basis, rather than as a range of related newspaper style articles, so that it is more accessible to you.

Second, by ensuring that the Guides are continuously updated, so that you can have some confidence that what you are reading is as accurate and authoritative as we can make it.

Finally, we guarantee that the information is completely unbiased and independent. None of the Guides will be provided on a voluntary basis; we have our own dedicated editorial team.

In this initial release we focus unashamedly on your rights and obligations on buying and living in France, because we think that is going to be the most important priority for you.

As we develop the pages we will provide information on lifestyle issues, which we hope will also be useful to visitors to France.

You can read more by visiting our Guides to France.

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