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Top Ten Articles 2015

The top ten articles from our monthly Newsletter that attracted the highest level of interest from readers in 2015.

There were approaching 4 million views of our news and information pages in 2015.

Around a third of these visits were to articles from our French News pages, published in our monthly Newsletter.

Just in case you missed them, here is the list of the top ten most popular articles published in the year.

1. Income Tax and Social Charges Thresholds 2015

The income thresholds that apply before you become liable for income tax in France in 2015, and the new rules that apply to social charges on pension income.

2. Rural House Prices 2007-2014

A recent review of the rural property market in France provides a snapshot of the movement in average house prices in each department since 2007.

3. Social Charges on Non-Residents Illegal

The European Court has ruled that social charges on the income and capital gains of non-residents from within the EEA is illegal, opening the way for claims by those who have paid such charges.

4. Banking Charges in France 2015

How much does it cost each year to hold a bank account in France and which banks offer the lowest charges?

5. How Much Income to Live in France?

A French social monitoring agency has calculated the minimum monthly income a household needs to live 'decently' in France.

6. Housing Market Revival or Trompe l'Oeil?

With passage of the first half of the year a number of analysts have published their own assessment of the housing market in France.

7. Low Cost Mobile Phone Tariffs

If you are an infrequent mobile phone user in France there are now a number of attractive low-cost usage tariffs available.

8. European Commission Closes File on Health Cover

Early retirees are now being admitted to the French health system, so the European Commission have withdrawn infringement proceedings against France.

9. Bringing Your Pension Lump Sum to France

Does it make sense to take a lump sum pension payment in the UK before you relocate or to do so after you have moved to France?

10. Auto-Entrepreneur Changes for 2015

The level of the social security contributions payable by auto-entrepreneurs has been reduced for 2015, although the exemption from business rates comes to an end.

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This article was featured in our Newsletter dated 06/01/2016

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