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Monday 08 October 2018

With the bill for the taxe foncière on the increase every year, it makes sense to set up a monthly direct debit with the tax office to spread the pain over the year.

Owners of residential property in France are liable for two annual local property taxes (or rates), called the taxe d’habitation and the taxe foncière.

As we have reported in previous Newsletter the taxe d’habitation is in the process of being abolished for most households, although not for second-home owners.

The level of the taxe foncière varies by property size, condition, amenities and location, but it averages around €1,000 per annum.

This is not an insignificant sum to pay out each year in a single payment, at a time in the autumn when households need to regularise payment of income tax and social charges. Those with net taxable property assets of over €1.3m also need to pay their wealth tax bill!

One way of easing the burden is to set up a monthly direct debit to pay the tax, which is also possible for income tax and social charges. There is no additional tax charge.

If you wish to set up a monthly standing order (prélèvement mensuel) you can now only do so for next year and you cannot do so in your first tax year in France

Setting up an account on the government tax website is easy.

To do so you will need three elements:

  • Numéro fiscal - A 13 figure number that you will find near the top of tax declaration form you will receive.
  • Numéro de déclarant en ligne - A 7 figure number that you will again find on the first page of your tax declaration.
  • Revenu fiscal de référence - This is found on the last page of your tax notice.

You will also need your bank account details.

When you have this information go to 'Mon Espace' and set up an account, when you will need to choose a password and provide your e mail address. Once sorted, you then go to the relevant page for payments and set it up.

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