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Would Losing Ryanair Affect You?

Tuesday 04 September 2012

If Ryanair withdrew their services from your area, how would it affect you, asks Sheila Walshe-Blackmore?

There have been a number of success stories to come out of Ireland over the years but I don't know which one makes me grimace more these days, Ryanair or Jedward!

However, while the ubiquitous twins may eventually grow up, lose their toilet-brush inspired hair-do, and disappear from sight, it bothers me that Ryanair may also disappear.

Love them or loath them, Ryanair have opened up the airways and made it possible for many of us to consider relocating to France.

Rumours have circulated for some time now that they are threatening to withdraw from several regional airports, including Carcassonne, which would give many of us here in the Languedoc a severe logistical headache.

There is precedent for believing they may carry out this threat - they have already moved flights, I believe, from Pau to Lourdes/Tarbes.

They are the only airline to fly into Carcassonne, so the withdrawal would have a devasting effect on the airport, which has recently given the managing contract to Veolia, who has been promising a major overhaul (much needed).

How seriously would you be affected if Ryanair withdraw from your regional airport?

We currently market our fledgling business not only on the skills we both have to offer, but also our proximity to Carcassonne (formerly "Salvaza") Airport, i.e., only 45 minutes and with daily flights in the summer.

If they withdraw their services, we are looking at Toulouse (using State or Flag carrier airlines so more expensive and 2 hours away) or Perpignan, also 1.5 to 2 hours away

This posting has been supplied courtesy of where you can follow how this debate went, and contribute to it, at Ryanair - If they withdrew their services, how would it affect you?.

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