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Wednesday 07 January 2015

The cost of ski passes at different resorts in France can vary by a factor of three, but enjoying some good skiing need not necessarily cost a fortune.

In the search for the ideal skiing resort it is easy to be tempted to zoom in on those resorts with the largest skiing areas.

However, there is inevitably a price to be paid for endless powder, for in general there is a correlation between piste size and the most expensive tariffs.

Thus, in the Alps, a six day ski adult pass costs between €84 at Gap Céüze, which has 19 pistes, to €277 in the huge Les 3 Vallées, which has 336 pistes.

In the Pyrenees, prices vary between €92 at Mijanès-Donezan with 14 pistes, to €208 in Grand Tourmalet, with 70 pistes.

All the larger resorts do offer cheaper family passes, and child passes cost considerably less, but these same offers are also available at the smaller resorts.

The costs of the passes will not be the only factor you will wish to consider in selecting your skiing holiday, and we do not pretend smaller resorts are likely to suit thrill seekers.

In addition, the more modest resorts are generally at a lower level, so the greater risk of a lack of snow needs to be factored into the equation.

Nevertheless, focussing on a more limited but appropriate ski area for your level of ski competence does offer the possibility of large savings on your ski pass, and potentially also on your accommodation.

You might also be surprised at the facilities offered at some of the smaller resorts, which can also frequently hold more charm and be more family orientated than the larger complexes.

So in order to give you food for thought and further enquiry we set out below the tariffs that apply for a 6 day adult lift pass in a selection of French skiing resorts in the Alps and the Pyrenees offering ski passes at more affordable prices. The number of pistes at each resort is also given.

The rates are the normal tariff, to the exclusion of any specific package or other offers that may otherwise be available. Thus, many resorts offer lower rates for 'seniors', although the age at which you can become eligible for such a pass does vary.

The rates also vary in some resorts, depending on whether low or high season.

Six Day Adult Ski Pass
Gap Céüze €8419
Le Grand Puy
Col de Rousset €8729
Gresse en Vercors
Pelvoux-Vallouise €10212
Saint-Pierre de Chartreuse€10824
Le Collet d'Allevard €11227
Thollon Les Mémises €11316
Bonneval Sur Arc €11521
Les Monts d'Olmes
Val Louron€12019

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