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Cheap Train Tickets in France for Seniors

Those aged 60+ are eligible for substantial discounts on trains in France and Europe.

The Carte Senior is available to anyone aged at least 60 years, and can be used for an unlimited number of train journeys in France.

Althouth there is an annual charge of €56 per person for the card, it does give you access to a reduction in ticket prices of between 25% and 50% on the standard cost.

The use of the card is particularly interesting if you are also able to book well in advance, when the cheapest tickets are available.

SNCF, the French train operator, gives the example of a single 2nd class journey from Paris to Bordeaux which can be purchased in advance for €45 without the card, but for €34.50 with the card.

The ticket can also be used on many destinations across Europe, including the United Kingdom.

Eurostar also accept the card, provided you book your ticket through SNCF.

Alternatively, Eurostar also do their own discount offer for seniors. You need to do the comparison when you book, to establish which one offers the best deal.

It is also possible to accumulate ‘S’ Miles’ loyalty points with the card, giving access to a further reduction on train ticket prices in France and certain destinations in Europe. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase other goods or services, including car hire.

If you have no wish to purchase a Carte Senior, or you are not eligible, then SNCF offer a limited number of cheap tickets on most trains, called Prem’s, which also offer very substantial discounts on standard fares.

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This article was featured in our Newsletter dated 02/11/2010

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