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9th Jan 08


There are widespread reports of a shambles in the implementation of the new health circular. We are hearing of many expats who have visited their local health authority (CPAM) to make application for registration to the health service, only to be greeted by officials who seemed to have no knowledge of the new circular. In other cases, applicants are erroneously being refused access to the health system on the grounds that they do not meet the criteria set out in the circular, despite the fact that some have a right of affiliation on medical grounds, or who have lived in France for over 5 years, which grants them a right of access. In only one or two rare cases (notably in Limousin and Tarn) are we hearing that, not only do officials have a decent grasp of the circular, but a generous interpretation of its provisions is being taken. In an effort to try and get a better understanding of the situation we have spoken to the French Ministry of Health. They advise us that detailed guidance to the local health authorities on the implementation of the circular has yet to be finalised, and that this guidance may not go out for several weeks. The initial law on this matter was passed in March 2007, followed by more detailed regulations in July, with a Circular published in December, and we now await the preparation of detailed technical guidance on implementation of the Circular! We have spoken to CLEISS, the international advisory centre in France for health and social security matters. They have advised us that they would be interested in hearing from individuals in France on an expiring E106, with a serious medical condition, who have been refused access to the health system, or who have applied, but who have failed to get a response. If you are in such a situation, then we urge you to contact the expat health campaign group, French Health Issues (FHI), who should be able to help you with your representations. You can also let us have your feedback in our Forum, or by e-mail to editor@french-property.com

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