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Issue 026: 18th Dec 2007

Welcome to the latest issue of the IFP Newsletter. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our Readers. Our next Newsletter will be published 15th January 08

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Local Health Authorities in the Firing Line

With the publication last week of the new health circular, many of those currently in France on an E106 and likely to be excluded from access to the State health insurance system, are considering what steps to now take.


New Vehicle Carbon Tax Introduced

The Government has introduced a carbon purchase tax on high polluting vehicles, with tax credit for the more virtuous who buy a car with low CO2 emissions.


High Earning Social Housing Tenants May Face Eviction

President Sarkozy has announced that social housing tenants could face being asked to move out of their home if their income is judged to be too high.


Church Bells that Will Not Ring for Christmas

In the face of declining attendances, and the growing costs of maintenance, an increasing number of village churches are under threat of demolition.


Tramways Changing the Urban landscape of France

Tramways are starting to change the urban landscape of France, as Le Mans and Nice are the latest towns to inaugurate a new service, and as Bordeaux adds a new line to its existing network.


Record Foie Gras Sales

Sales of foie gras this year are expected to beat previous records, despite a growing campaign in France and abroad against the force-feeding of geese.

Foie Gras

Boundary Wall Problems

How do you know whether the wall or fence that borders your property belongs to you or your neighbour? What if the boundary is in common ownership and it is in need of maintenance?

Boundary Walls

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