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Issue 022: 16th Oct 2007

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Downward Pressure on House Prices

House prices dropped by 1% in the third quarter of the year, according to the most recent housing market survey from FNAIM, the professional association of French estate agents.

House Prices

Easyjet Takes on Air France

The low-cost airline Easyjet has clearly decided to take on Air France on its own turf, by announcing new expansion plans in France.


Get a Bird's Eye View of Your French Property

Geoportail, the French competitor to Google Earth, just gets better, and is now an invaluable tool for buyers.


Tougher Regulations on Dogs

The Government have announced proposals to tighten up laws on keeping a dog, including the introduction of a pet licence for owners of certain types of dog.


Autumn Wine Sales Throughout France

Autumn is the time to re-stock your wine cellar in France, as stores across the country hold their traditional foires aux vins.


Planning Procedures Streamlined

Planning procedures have recently been simplified, although policy guidelines on granting planning consent remain intact.


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