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Issue 023: 1st Nov 2007

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Campaign Against Health Law Gathers Pace

Expats in France have formed a campaign group to lead the fight against new immigration and health laws, which deny early retirees access to the State health insurance system.


Inheritance Planning Still Makes Sense

Whilst the Government have abolished inheritance tax between married couples, the entrenched inheritance rights of children remain in place.


Retail Shake-up Proposed for Supermarkets

French retailing may be in for a big shake-up, with the introduction of Sunday opening, and other measures aimed at driving down prices.


Fraud Enquiry Launched into Illegal Tuna Fishing

The French Government have launched an enquiry into fishermen suspected of having substantially exceeded their fishing quota for tuna in 2007.


French Home Information Packs

Despite the reticence of the UK Government about the introduction of comprehensive home information packs, the process continues full-tilt in France.


Financial Assistance for Property Renovation

We are pleased to announce the release today of our Guide to Financial Assistance for Property Renovation.


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