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Issue 010: 16th April 2007

Welcome to the latest issue of the IFP Newsletter. We are pleased today to announce the release of our FREE Guide to French Mortgages . You can also discover other useful information by visiting our growing library of Guides to Buying Property and Living in France .

House Prices Remain Flat

Property prices continued to remain flat during the first quarter of 2007, although the picture is a gloomier one in the South-West, according to the latest house price survey from FNAIM, the estate agents' professional body.

House Prices

Huge Cash Handouts to Companies

French companies benefited from €65 billion in public aid in 2005, a sum higher than the central government education budget and twice the size of the defence budget.

Cash Handouts

Rhône River in Major Pollution Scare

The consumption of fish along a 100 kilometre stretch of the Rhône River has been banned by the government because of high pollution levels.

Rhône River

Foreign Business Investment Hits New Record

Foreign business investment into France jumped 40% last year to reach €68 billion, the highest figure on record. The investment figure compares with €49 billion in 2005 and €19 million in 2004.

Foreign Investment

French Suicides Outstrip Road Deaths

French television screens regularly broadcast horrifying stories about the carnage on the roads in France, but a report published last month highlighted the equally devastating figures on suicides in the country.


IFP Guide to French Mortgages

We are pleased today to announce the release of our FREE guide to French mortgages. Whilst most buyers choose to remortgage their existing home to buy a property in France, the use of a French mortgage to fund the purchase has now become a lot easier, and brings with it some potential advantages in terms of lower interest rates and tax benefits.


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